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Feb 20, 2008

FEB 08:  Kris Moller hired me to take some pix of his Conserv Fuel gas station in Brentwood, CA. (Conserv Fuel  ) 

This station is Los Angeles’ first and only station that currently sells both biofuels and three grades of gasoline.

Their single location in West L.A., is the only fueling station from San Diego to Santa Cruz now selling biodiesel (B99) to the public. CONSERV FUEL opened the second ethanol (E85) pump in the entire state of California and the only E85 pump in the greater Los Angeles area.

While I was taking photos of the station, this Veggie Truck came in to fill up with some B99 biodiesel.

Check out Kris’ groundbreaking operatons by visiting his station and website.

Ron Baker

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